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There is a 510 yen bus ticket that allows you to take a bus many times a day in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan! If you useKanmon “Nostalgic” Strait Bus Ticket,You can move unlimited within the available area with Flat-rate ¥ 510 bus ticket.

Priceadult ¥510、Elementary school students and below ¥260

Available area
Shimonoseki station~Maeda、Karato~Nishinohashi、Mimosusogawa~Kokuminsyukusyamae、Shimonoseki Station~Ryoenji

Sales location
Shimonoseki Station Bus Ticket Section,Karato bus ticket counter,Strait Messe 1F information,Shimanoseki Manjuso、Shimonoseki City Hinoyama Youth Hostel Kaikyo no Kaze

After spending more than three quarters of my life in Shimonoseki, I thought of a model course where I could go sightseeing using the Kanmon “Nostalgic” Strait Bus Ticket!※All bus fares show adult rates.(In Japan, bus fares for elementary school students and younger are half the price of adults.)

①Shimonoseki Station→Karato→Chofu→Shimonoseki Station

Shimonoseki Station

8:57 To Chofu Station Via【Karato・Jokamachi Chofu Direction】
↓Shimonoseki Station No. 1 platform
9:04 Karato ¥220

Karato market (Lunch)

The bus arrives on the other side of Karato Market. So You need to cross the pedestrian bridge. Recommended to visit in the morning as popular items sell out quickly!
A Sushi Battle  is held only on weekends and holidays, and fresh fish that rises on that day are lined up at the market as a Sushi or Donburi. Recommended for late breakfast, early lunch, and souvenir purchases!

business hours
Sun./public holiday:9:00~15:00

HP is here

12:34 Karato | To Ozuki Station
↓ViaYume Town Chofu
12:51 Matsubara ¥360

Chofu Garden

Street address:8 Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Chofu Garden is a walking-style Japanese garden  with a pond, a Shoin, a tea house and a brook on a site of about 31,000 square meters.There are many Japanese gardens that are prohibited from entering to keep the scenery, but You can freely walk around the Chofu Garden.

entrance fee:adult ¥210、Elementary school students and below ¥100
business hours:9:00~17:00(Last admission 16:00)


14:11 Matsubara
↓To Toyotamachi Nishiichi Via【Ono】
14:13 Jokamachi Chofu ¥190

Chofu Mori House

Street address:Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
It is a beautiful place with a quiet main building made of samurai residences and a garden surrounded by white walls.
The garden of Chofu Mori’s house changes in various expressions every season, and you can enjoy a different atmosphere every season. There is a tea machine in the main building, so you can relax and drink green tea freely.

entrance fee:adult ¥210、Elementary school students and below ¥100
business hours:9:00~17:00 ↓ About 9 minutes on foot

TAKADA COFFEE Chofu Samuraimachi

Street address:1-2-39, Samuraicho, Nagafu, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture



In the shop, coffee and sweets can be enjoyed, and gifts are also sold.

Because it is located in a place surrounded by houses, it is recommended to search for directions in advance on Google map!


Harumi T(@haru.haru.tmr)がシェアした投稿

busines hours:10:00~17:00

HP is here

↓ About 7 minutes on foot

Fukunoseki Chofu Tourist Center

Street address:2-1, Chofu-Samuraicho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

This is a souvenir shop that has a wide selection of Shimonoseki souvenirs such as sweets, local sake, and marine products.Please use it for souvenir purchase!
busines hours:9:00~18:00

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18:08 Jokamachi Chofu
↓To Shimonoseki Station(Semi-express)
18:14 Maeda ¥280

Kaikyo Restoran Shizuka

Street address:2-1 Maeda, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
You arrive when you walk straight about 5 minutes from the bus stop “Maeda”. You can choose from a variety of menus, including Shimonoseki’s specialty Fuku cuisine and Kawara soba, including sashimi, sushi, shabu-shabu, and steak. 



Torafuku Course 1 serving ¥8,000
There are course menus as shown in the pictures, as well as a variety of menus that can be ordered individually.

■Beef Kawara soba ¥1,350
■Kaisendon(Chawanmushi・With Suimono) ¥2,800
■5 pieces of sashimi(1-2 people) ¥1,500
■Special Japanese beef(Tokujo Kurogewa gyu)Shabu meat100g ¥2,600
■Torafukusashi〈small〉(1-2 people) ¥2,300
■Kohuku Karaage ¥950

You can enjoy beautiful views of the Kanmon Strait from all seats.

business hours
Weekdays 11:00~14:30、17:00~21:30
Sat./Sun./Holidays 11:00~21:30
※From 15:00 to 17:00, the store may be closed due to preparation.

21:27 Maeda
↓To Shimonoseki Station
21:45 Shimonoseki Station ¥290

Shimonoseki Station

The usual total bus fare is 1,340 yen, so you can save 830 yen by using a Kanmon nostalgic Kaikyo bus ticket . This model course considers the starting point as Shimonoseki Station because of the available area.

However, the station where the Shinkansen stops in Shimonoseki is Shin Shimonoseki Station… (;_;)

If you use a Kanmon “Nostalgic” Kaikyo Bus Ticket  after arriving at Shin Shimonoseki Station, it is recommended that you travel by train to Shimonoseki Station in the available area. You can move for ¥ 200.

②Shimonoseki Station→Karato→Shimonoseki Station

Shimonoseki Station

8:57 Shimonoseki Station
↓To Chofu Station
9:06 Akama Jingū ¥230

Akama Jingū

When you get off the bus that took you from Shimonoseki Station, you will be greeted by the Suitenmon, which has an atmosphere similar to Ryugu Castle. At Akama Jingu , the main shrine was repainted from November 2019 to April 2020.

The freshly repainted white and red are beautiful, and when you visit on a sunny day, you can take wonderful pictures with the blue sky.

Akama Shrine is a shrine located in Amida-ji, Shimonoseki City, where Emperor Antoku , the grandson of Kiyomori Taira, is enshrined. Emperor Antoku died at the age of eight in a battle at Dannoura.
At Akama Jingu Shrine, the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Festival  is held around Akama Jingu Shrine every year for three days from the dess anniversary of Emperor Antoku on May 2.On May 3, “Senteisai”, there will be a traditional event called Jouro Dochu .

This event starts in front of Seibu Community Center near Shimonoseki Station, walks along Buizeda Shopping Street, Shimonoseki City Hall, Karato Shopping Street and enters Akama Jingu Shrine.

※On the day of the Senteisai, traffic is regulated around Akama Shrine every year, and the roads are very crowded.
At Akama Jingu Shrine, the lights are lit up from sunset until 22:00. Akama Shrine, which has a different atmosphere than during the day, appears in Shimonoseki at night.

↓ About 13 minutes on foot

Hukudokoro Kitagawa(Lunch)

Street address:7-11 Nanbu-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture


ふく処 喜多川 / 山口県下関市(@fk_kitagawa)がシェアした投稿

At night, it is a high-end restaurant that costs ¥10,000 to ¥ 25,000 per person, but Lunch is ¥ 1,250-3,000. 


ふく処 喜多川 / 山口県下関市(@fk_kitagawa)がシェアした投稿

※All prices are tax-excluded.
■Huku Chochin
¥3,000 (Fugu Shumai・With Shirako Tofu)

■Fukufuku Gozen
¥2,000 (Live fish sashimi 3 points)

■Fuku Kamagozen


HP is here

↓ About 6 minutes on foot


admission fee
adult ¥2,090、Elementary and junior high school students ¥940
Infants (3 years and older)¥410
In addition to the dolphin and sea lion aqua theater, there are daily show events such as SnaSmeri and Seals.
Aqua Theater
10:30 /12:00 /14:00 /16:00

business hours:9:30~17:30(Last admission 17:00)

HP is here

↓ About 3 minutes on foot

Kamonwharf (dinner)

A seaside mall where you can purchase food and souvenirs at once. Lunch / Tea time / Dinner Enjoy meals and shopping at various times.

restaurant:20 stores Souvenir shop:9 stores Bicycle dealer:1 stores (Bicycle rental available) ▲As of February 7, 2020 (Fri)

Some stores are open until 24:00, so if you’re having trouble choosing a place to eat dinner, we recommend going to Kamon Wharf. Every August, the Kanmon Strait Fireworks Festival and the December “Love, Fireworks, Fireworks and Music ” fireworks event are held.

↓ About 6 minutes on foot

Haikaratto Yokocho(amusement park)

Street address:1-40 Aruport, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
This amusement park is a free admission </ strong> amusement park with a fee for each attraction. The Ferris wheel is available until 21:00.(¥700) (※1/9-3/6 closes at 18:00.)

You can overlook the Kanmon Strait by taking the Giant Ferris Wheel. This is a place where you can take wonderful pictures unique to an amusement park.



You can enjoy different atmospheres day and night.

HP is here

20:10 In front of Kaikyokan
To Shimonoseki Station
0:14 Hosoe Cho ¥200

Kaikyo Yume Tower

Street address:3-3 Buzendacho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
business hours 9:30~21:30(Last admission 21:00)
admission fee adult ¥600、High school students and below ¥300
65 years of age or older ¥300、Foreigner ¥300
※High school students and the elderly need proof of age.

↓This ticket is recommended!↓

Double ticket
It is a common ticket for Kaikyokan and Kaikyo Yume Tower. Price:adult ¥2,490、Elementary and junior high school students ¥1,150

Normal:adult ¥2,690、Elementary and junior high school students ¥1,240
Adult rates are 200 yen cheaper,  elementary and junior high school students 90 yen cheaper available tickets (^ ^)

21:11 Hosoecho
↓To Shimonoseki Station
21:18 Shimonoseki Station ¥200

Shimonoseki Station

Total of normal bus fare¥630…。
Difference from the Kanmon “Nostalgic” Kaikyo Bus Ticket ¥120…。

I thought while writing the article.

Isn’t this a good trip on foot?

Yes, you can walk.It ’s a walking distance without any problem(^ω^)
However, since the end point of the article is not known, I will decide to be a model course of Kanmon “Nostalgic” Kaikyo Bus Ticket </ strong>!
Simonoseki Station~Karato is about 30 minutes on foot </ strong>, so it is recommended to take a walk with a sense of exercise. If you want to save time, please take a bus!

However, walking from Shimonoseki Station to Chofu area takes almost 2 hours. If you want to use the Kanmon “Nostalgic” strait bus ticket </ strong>, I recommend planning a course to go to the Chofu area! </ p>

Here is an article written about other free passes in Yamaguchi Prefecture.↓

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