Singapore and Japan. Married after a two-year long-distance relationship


23 year old man living in Singapore×20 year old woman living in Osaka (Japan)
After two years of long-distance relationships, we are now married.


This is a story about a man who experienced a long-distance relationship for two years while he was assigned overseas and then got married.

Encountered in high school club activities and confessed from her

When we were in high school, we met as seniors and juniors in the same club activities.

At first, I only saw her as a junior member of club activities.

But after receiving a confession from her, I decided to go out with her because I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time.

I accepted her confession with a light feeling, but as I continued dating, I became more and more attracted to her.

Employment at a Singapore company is decided and separated

I became a long-distance relationship because I got a job at a company in Singapore.

Because I had just graduated from college and she was still a student, it was difficult to take me in both circumstances and financially, so we had a serious discussion before leaving.

And as a result of the discussion, we did not choose the option of parting.

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships

・Once every six months
・When I return to summer and the year-end and New Year holidays

She saved money and came to see me

She was still a student and had little free money, but she worked hard to save money and came to Singapore.

This is the memory I felt most happy during my long-distance relationship.

She is usually lazy and annoying.

The accommodation was decided and the meal was served here, but I was very impressed that she worked hard to find out how to get to Singapore from the flight arrangements.

I talked too much without hiding her and failed …

I became friends with a woman who was almost in the same workplace and started playing a lot, but I didn’t have any romantic feelings, so I talked too much about what I did and what I did.

On the contrary, it made her uneasy.

Due to our own mistakes, we once became seriously catastrophic during a long-distance relationship.

Skype was useful

Skype was the most useful while I was away from her.

As for the personal computer, we set up a used desktop, headset, and WEB camera before departure, and we feel that it was good for each other to be able to make a videophone call.

The appeal of online dating

Online dating allows you to see and talk to each other in real time and share the same time, so I felt like I was even closer to her facial expressions and feelings.

One of the attractions of online dating is that you can feel closer to the latest status report than by email or chat.

What you need to do for a successful long-distance relationship

I felt that patience was a necessary factor for long-distance relationships.

Anxiety and loneliness about not being able to meet, various temptations, and frustration when feelings are not conveyed.

Only if you have the patience to endure those feelings and not give up, you will be able to fill the distance and connect yourself with the other person.

What made her sad during a long-distance relationship

I wrote it as a failure story, and when I was suspected of having a relationship with a colleague, I couldn’t believe it.

Even when I was in Japan, I had a lot of female friends, so I thought it was okay, but it seemed that I was dissatisfied with that, and if I didn’t believe it so much, I couldn’t continue.

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