China and Japan. After returning to Japan, long-distance relationship started.


24 year old woman living in Japan×23 year old man living in China
After dating we became a long-distance relationship.


A couple was also forced into a harsh environment by the new coronavirus infection that plagued many.

Introducing the experiences of a woman who has returned from China due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection and has not been able to meet her boyfriend for over a year.

Coronavirus infection begins long-distance relationship

Around January 2020, when the new coronavirus became a fierce epidemic in China, my thoughtful family urged me to return to Japan.

About one year has passed since I returned to Japan until January 2021, and my visa has expired.

Besides, it was hard to find a job.

In this way, we have been in long-distance relationships for a variety of reasons.

The app let me meet two people

When I went to a graduate school in China and attended a local university, I was using an app recommended by a friend.

The app, which is distributed in China, allows you to find someone to talk to on the app and exchange messages and make phone calls in your spare time.

When I was somehow free at night and wanted to talk to someone, I happened to match him and get to know him.

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships


I have never met him since I returned to Japan.

I felt affection for the increase in contact from him since I left

When he and I lived alone in China before, he didn’t even give me a chat message at all, aside from the phone.

However, after I came back to Japan, he took the initiative to contact me, and I felt very affectionate.

Failure in my long-distance relationship

Perhaps because he was reporting on each other’s status on the videophone almost every day, he overreacted that he might have had an affair as soon as he didn’t call.

Items useful for long-distance relationships

It’s a Chinese app, but I recommend the app called “With同屏”.

This app allows you to share your screen while they are in different places, and you can listen to your lover’s voice on the phone in real time while watching TV or movies together.

※As it is a Chinese app, it cannot be used anywhere other than China.

To be able to understand the other person better thanks to the videophone

It’s been a year since long-distance relationships began, and thanks to our videophone calls almost every day, we have more opportunities and content to talk to than when we were together before.

I feel that online dating has helped me to understand each other better.

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

It’s good to be together, but it’s best not to be pessimistic about complaining or complaining about situations where you can’t be together for some reason.

I think it is important to be prepared to enjoy together.

I think it is necessary to include exciting stories about the future, such as “I want to go to XX when I meet next time” and “I want to eat XX”.

What was sad about being a boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships, especially when it comes to cross-country romance, are so important to communicate by message or phone that contact is vital.

It’s sad that I can’t meet, so I have to do it, and the reality is that I can only do it anymore.

But he was disappointed and very sad to continue playing the game, ignoring my phone.

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