Japan and Turkey. Married after an international long-distance relationship.


26 year old female living in Japan×25 year old man living in Turkey

After a long-distance relationship, I married him and now live in Turkey.


I started dating a man I met while studying abroad on Malta, but after studying abroad and returning to Japan, a long-distance relationship began.

However, after the reunion, he proposed and got married!

Introducing a long-distance relationship story of a woman who is currently pregnant and is about to give birth.

Accidental reunion with a handsome guy I saw at the airport

I met him when I went to Malta for two months studying abroad.

Actually, the flight to Malta is the same, and I’ve seen him since I was waiting for departure at the connecting Istanbul Airport.
I liked his appearance, so I just stared at him.

When I arrived in Malta, I was guided to join the school pick-up staff, and I was waiting for them because two other students would come.

Looking at the faces of the two students who came, one of the two students was the one he saw at Istanbul Airport.

I was surprised at the accidental reunion, but on the spot I moved to different places of stay without hearing each other’s names or talking at all.

After that, my sharemate’s child asked me, “I found a good-looking guy, so will you come with me?”

The handsome guy the sharemate was talking about was him.

Long-distance relationship started after returning to home

At first, I was one of a group of close friends that I spend almost every day with as ordinary friends, but for the last month I realized that I was in a lover-like relationship.
Dating began in a natural way.

After the study abroad period is over, we both return to our home countries.

After that, the relationship continued due to long-distance relationships.

We didn’t meet much after returning to Japan

Needless to say, after returning to Japan, it is not so easy to meet overseas.

He liked traveling abroad, so I went back to Japan only once and went to see him about two months later for a trip to Turkey.

Five months later, I met him again in Turkey, and a few months later he proposed to me to live with him in Turkey.

Impressive surprise from him on Valentine’s Day

A cute bouquet arrived at my house on Valentine’s Day during a long-distance relationship, and the letter said that it was from overseas, so I knew immediately that it was from him.

A few days later, it seems that a gift he had asked me to give was delivered to my friend’s house, and I was surprised to receive the gift when I met my friend.

The surprise he prepared with the help of his friends made me happy and impressed just by imagining how he was preparing.

My failure in long-distance relationship…

I know I’m worried if I’m not in constant contact every day, but I’m not the one to get in touch with him so often I forget to contact him when I’m out for dinner with my friends.
There was a case that it ended up.

Every time he was angry, he often argued.
That was the source of the quarrel.

I thought about the other person because I was far away, and I regretted that I had to contact him when I could reply properly.

Free phone calls from LINE and WhatsApp are a big success!

While I was back in Japan and away from him, I used the app to make video calls almost every day.

I was relieved to be able to see his face just by making a videophone call, so I was able to dispel my loneliness and it was extremely helpful.

The app used a free phone from LINE or WhatsApp.

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

It’s far away, so I think it’s an environment where you can have as much as you want to have an affair.

However, in the meantime, always contacting each other will lead to a little peace of mind.

I think it is important to think about each other and trust each other even if they are separated by communicating their feelings properly.

By doing so, we continued to deepen our love.

What was sad about being a boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

I was worried and sad when he didn’t contact me, who always remembers to contact me.

Most of the time, there are many reasons why his smartphone was out of charge.

But when he happened to be having a party with friends or drinking with his bosses, I was a little frustrated.

I wonder if he was just having fun while I was worried.
I didn’t say it because I could do the same thing and I couldn’t say him…

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