Japan and Germany. I got married after two years of long-distance relationship.


32 year old woman living in Japan×32 year old man living in Germany
We are now married after a long-distance relationship.


It is a story of a woman who got married after two years of long-distance relationship with him who is German.

I met on a language exchange app

The reason I got to know him was the language exchange app.

It is an application that matches foreigners who want to learn Japanese with Japanese who want to learn foreign languages.
The app matches multiple people, but it’s rare for long-term interactions.

It can be difficult to keep in touch with people you can’t meet in person and get to know each other because there are no common topics or you often interact with people who live in foreign countries.

We weren’t aware of each other as love affairs in the first place.

I never thought that it would develop into a romantic relationship, and I used the app as a place to learn a pure learning language.

As the text message exchange continued, we gradually began to send voice messages to each other.

Furthermore, as I sent photos and made video calls, the distance between the two became shorter and a feeling of love was born.

It changed from the moment I realized that I had both feelings

There was no exchange like a confession saying “I want to be your lover”.

In my daily exchanges, I recognized my favor for each other by expressing and communicating my feelings such as “I enjoy talking to you” and “I like your humanity”.

It’s strange to be a human being, and when I found out that he was in favor of me, something changed from there.

From the moment I realized that I had both feelings, I began to feel like I was sharing something invisible with him, and the relationship between the two became deeper and deeper.

I think that the invisible thing is surely like a bud of love, and eventually it will become love.

In this way, each other became a special existence of each other in a natural way without confirming each other’s intentions.

And as a result of carefully nurturing the buds of love that were born between them, we were able to get married.

It was a long-distance relationship from the beginning

Our long-distance relationship began shortly after we started dating.

As we met online and became friends with each other, we became indispensable to each other.

I didn’t consciously start a long-distance relationship, but I had developed a romantic relationship through online communication, so the relationship started naturally.

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships

I first met him eight months after I met him online.

After that, we met each other by going back and forth about once every 3 to 5 months.

One date wasn’t a day trip or a night, it was like spending two weeks to a month together.

What made me happy to be my boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

He sent me a simple message, good morning and good night, every day.

I was very happy to hear that the message came when I woke up in the morning, as the rhythm of our lives differed greatly between me and him due to the time difference.

It was also special to spend time with each other as they like with the video call connected.

I remember being able to relax while feeling the presence of the other person, as if each person was spending their time in the same room.

I was happy that he tried to share time with me even when I was away.

Failure during my long-distance relationship…

In long-distance relationships, I couldn’t see his life, which sometimes made me uneasy.

I feel that it was a failure to make a binding statement when I was worried, or to argue with him in vain.

The charm of online dating

Online dating allows you to spend the same time looking at the other person’s face.

The difference from a date you meet in person is that you can’t touch each other, so of course it’s best to meet in person.

Even so, you can still feel the existence of the other person and the special feeling of being there for yourself even online.

The appeal of being online is that you can show each other your true life.

Rather than dressing up and going out to play, you can have a relaxed date by showing each other your daily life while staying in your own house or room.

Especially if you are looking to get married, it is a merit to be able to see the other person’s daily life.

What was sad about being a boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

Nothing in particular, but I would say that I didn’t get in touch with him for a while after the quarrel.

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

I think there are three things: trust, compassion, and communication.
Believing in each other is of utmost importance, although it can be anxious because you cannot see your lover’s life.

It is also necessary to make efforts and be considerate of each other so as not to make lovers uneasy.

I personally think that a good personality is more suitable for long-distance relationships.
On the other hand, there is an opinion that in long-distance relationships, it is necessary to have one’s hobbies, to cherish one’s time, and to live appropriately and freely.

Neither is a mistake, and some couples are not suitable, so I think it is necessary to determine which is suitable.

The important thing is that they want the same thing.
Long-distance relationships cannot be established if one wants freedom and the other wants good contact.

I think the key to success is to explore and establish a long-distance relationship style that suits you while communicating with your partner.

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