Spain and Japan. After studying abroad, I became a long-distance relationship.


23 year old female living in Japan×28 year old man living in Spain
I experienced a long-distance relationship for two years after returning from Spain.


This is a story about a woman who has had a long-distance relationship for about two years in Japan and Spain.

I met him while studying abroad in Spain

I met him at a community-sponsored cross-cultural exchange event that I attended during my one-year study abroad program in Spain.

It was an event immediately after studying abroad.

People of various nationalities gathered and the only Japanese among them were me and him.
Although the years were far apart, Japanese people got along with each other in a foreign country and soon became friends and dating.

However, he couldn’t return with him because he had been working in Spain for many years and he was still a college student and had to find a job after returning to Japan.

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships

About half a year to once a year

I was happy with the postcards and letters I received from him

I was very happy to have sent you a postcard or letter when it wasn’t an anniversary or birthday.

While I was able to get in touch with LINE and SNS immediately, I think I was able to feel the warmth of the handwritten text because it was far away.

Failure during my long-distance relationship …

When the other person was busy with work, I couldn’t care about it, and I had to consult a lot about job hunting, which made me tired.

I felt it was important to think more about his feelings because it is difficult to detect the temperature difference with him when he is far away.

I was sending various photos to each other on Snapchat

During long-distance relationships, I used an app called “Snapchat” to send photos and videos to each other, such as taking selfies and sending everyday scenery.

I also sent messages to them and communicated with them.
At that time, there was no Instagram story function, so it was a very useful tool for reporting on my situation.

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

I think it is important to be more considerate of each other’s feelings because they are far apart.

We are lonely, so I think it is important to control that feeling well, do our best to do what is right in front of us, and enjoy the time we meet.

What was sad about being a boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

When he was busy with work and suddenly lost communication for about two days, it was very painful and sad.

I was worried that something had happened when the message was lost due to the distance and time difference.

I wanted you to contact me because it was easy.

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