Japan and Turkey. I experienced a long-distance relationship for half a year.


25 year old female living in Japan×30 year old man living in Turkey
I experienced a long-distance relationship for half a year.


This is a story about a woman I met while studying abroad in the Republic of Malta and a woman who experienced a long-distance relationship between Japan and Turkey after returning to Japan.

I met him as a language school classmate

I and he both came to Malta to study abroad and met at a language school.
He also came to Malta as a language school student a year earlier than I did.

And he was a freshman caretaker as a student leader.

At first, I thought, “I’m a noisy person who talks to me a lot.” But I was lonely when I came to study abroad alone in a foreign country, so I gradually forgave him and my lover.
It became a relationship.

After that, we were dating while studying English together as a classmate of a language school for about 3 months, but when we returned to Japan, a long-distance relationship between Japan and Turkey began.

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships

Once every 4 months

I was happy that he invited me to Turkey

He returned to Turkey from Malta earlier, but he invited me to Turkey when I was still in Malta.

He took me to Istanbul and the city of Bursa, where his parents’ home is.

During my stay in Turkey, I stopped at his parents’ house, and when I returned, he gave me a lot of souvenirs and treated me very well.

I regret that I should have enjoyed more time together

When I realized that I was going to have a long-distance relationship, I was full of anxiety, and the atmosphere got worse while I was spending time together.

When I think about it now, I feel that I should have focused on enjoying the limited time I can spend together.

Online dating with Instagram call function

During long-distance relationships, we used to make Instagram calls a couple of times a day.

Although there is a time difference, I tried to find a gap between the two people as much as possible, such as his cigarette break and my commuting time, and spend time together.

I was careful not only to make a phone call but also to make a videophone call once a day so that I could see each other’s faces.

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

Call each other at a fixed time.

The purpose of the telephone is not only to talk and communicate, but also to be connected to each other and to share the same time with each other.

For example, I think it is important to devise a way of spending everyday because it is difficult to meet, such as connecting only the phone while working with each other.

Currently, I am having a long-distance relationship with my new boyfriend, but with these ideas, the long-distance relationship has been successful for almost a year.

Sometimes I feel sad…

When the frequency of contact was slowing down, I was sad to realize that the limit of this long-distance relationship was approaching.

Even so, long-distance relationships are a difficult time for each other, so I think it’s important to recognize that we are having a hard time with each other rather than blaming the other.

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