Japan and Cambodia. We have been in long-distance relationships for over a year.


27 year old female living in Japan×27 year old man living in Cambodia
We are currently in a long-distance relationship.


My boyfriend decided to work in Cambodia to make his dream come true.
However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, travel restrictions are imposed, and it is a story of a woman who has been in a long-distance relationship for over a year.

I really wanted to go with him

I and he have a common sporting hobby, and we met through friendships.
After the sport, I started talking to him and became friends with nature.

I fell in love with it at first sight, asking for contact information and inviting me to play, and when I think about it now, I was quite actively involved!

However, he decided to go to Cambodia to work to make his dream come true, so a long-distance relationship started.

As it became a long distance, we talked with each other, and for the time being I also went to the site and started thinking about the future from there.

However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, travel restrictions are imposed, and the long-distance period is suddenly prolonged.

Before leaving Japan, he said, “I want to go with you,” and decided to have a long-distance relationship.

At first, I didn’t expect long-distance relationships to last so long ..

Frequency of dates during long-distance relationships

We haven’t seen each other for a year due to travel restrictions in Corona …!

What made me happy to be my boyfriend during a long-distance relationship

I was happy to have an online date with him on daily LINE, birthdays and Christmas!

I’m glad that every morning and evening greetings LINE are sent to each other without fail, and if the timing is right, they invite me to “Can I call you?”!

Failure to convey dissatisfaction and loneliness well…

Sometimes I was so dissatisfied and lonely that I couldn’t tell him well and I just touched him casually and passed each other.

I couldn’t easily match my feelings with him…

I learned that it’s important to tell him honestly without disturbing yourself because you can’t meet him in person.

The appeal of online dating

It’s nice and fun to be able to see the other person’s face and share it at the same time even if you are far away, so it will be a fun event for the two of you!

I thought that “sharing time” was the most attractive thing about online dating!

What you think is necessary for a successful long-distance relationship

Compassion and affection for the other person.
Overcome with two people! I thought that awareness was very important.

Also, by making a concrete schedule when the two will meet, the relationship will be positive.

There are some difficult parts in the corona, but we discussed and decided the deadline.

I was sad because I was far away…

I’m worried if he doesn’t contact me for a certain period of time.

When the distance is long, the means of communication becomes very important communication, so ignoring the contact and the slow reply caused sadness.

Also, forgetting the anniversary, I understand that there is a time difference, but I was sad because I felt that it was not treated carefully.

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